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High-Performance Computing Servers (IBM p5)

First-Step Guide

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Last Update: Thursday, April 27,  2006

This guide has been prepared to give you a "crash-course" on how to use our High-Performance Computing Servers: IBM eServer p5 Model 595/570.   This document describes only the first steps to start using our system.

If you plan to become a wizard-class UNIX/p5 user, you will need some other textbooks, too :-)


  1. Accessing High-Performance Computing Servers
  2. Available Software Packages
  3. Service Categories and Resource Limits
  4. Compilation and Interactive Execution of Fortran Programs
  5. Compilation and Interactive Execution of C/C++ Programs
  6. Batch Job Execution
  7. Migrating from GP7000F
High-Performance Computing Servers Seminar for Foregin Students (Course Materials)

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